thanksgiving at Casa Rosa

Nick and Sloane,

Thank you again for a fantastic Thanksgiving week at Casa Rosa. There is possibly no better back yard on Earth. The two 6-year-olds and one 8-year-old bounced between the beautiful pool and even more beautiful calm, clear, warm water of the Caribbean all day long, with some breaks to eat pineapple on the hammocks or swing on the swings. The palm trees provide such wonderful shade.

Noel made animals out of palm fronds and left them for the children to find in the morning like treasures. Bernardino and Maria were excellent chefs for us one night–we all loved their chiles rellenos. They were so helpful and interesting–Mike loved practicing his Spanish with them and getting to know more about their lives.

Mike, our home chef and gourmand, was happy that there is a gas stove and grill and a well-stocked kitchen and a close-enough grocery store. We all really appreciated the Wifi, the air conditioning, the bottled water for brushing teeth, and the soft linens. We loved walking along the beach and fly fishing–wish we could have gone out with Rhett–next time! We still caught (and released) lots of gorgeous little fish. Rhett gave us lots of tips about how to navigate the cultural differences and not get into sticky situations. He is so funny!

Thank you again for sharing your slice of paradise!