unforgettable stay

Hi Sloane, Nick,

Let me thank you both, the Casa Rosa Crew (Noel, Bernardino and Maria) and Rhett for our unforgettable stay at Casa Rosa. It is truly printed in our minds. Staying at Casa Rosa is absolutely a must when visiting the Maya Riviera.

Within minutes after our arrival Maria and Bernardino gave us a sort of “home coming ” feeling which we had the entire stay. We had a great time at Casa Rosa. The sea in front of Casa Rosa is loaded with beautiful coral, fish, crab fish, sting rays, shells, turtles and lobsters. It is such a pleasure snorkeling and kayaking in front of the house. The beach however is loaded with heremit crab, pelicans, birds and……tiny little turtles. We experienced four times the birth of you turtles……..We saw a giant turle laying her eggs in the sand at full moon. There’s one thing which isn’t on the beach…..people.It looks like an abandoned beach…….what a heaven on earth! Thanks for sharing that beautiful piece on earth.

According to us: Bernardino and Maria are part of Casa Rosa. Because of them we experienced a beautiful Mexican vacation. They helped with the laundry, they cooked, we learned them some Dutch words, they learned us some Mayan words, they surprised us with Coconut drinks from the palmtrees, with fresh Guacamole and Tomato dip. Both Berdnardino and Maria were very, very nice to Maddy, our seven year old daughter. Thanks, many thanks for your hospitality.

Also thanks for Noel for helping us with the Turtles on the beach and for those tiny little palm leaf grasshoppers. And many thanks for Rhett as well. For helping us out when we needed it.