my favorite part was the location


I am so disappointed that I neglected to write anything in the guest book before we left wonderful Casa Rosa. Call it age (my 40th birthday is approaching quickly) or denial that I was leaving to go home… either way, I had so many wonderful things to say, and want to express my sincere gratitude for entrusting your wonderful home to us. I am hoping you can transfer a few of my thoughts below onto one of the book pages, so that future guests have at least a small sense of how grateful we are for the opportunity to stay at one of the most perfect places on earth.

Where do I start. I suppose my favorite part was the location. Right on a protected beach with constant trade winds, soft sand, and the most relaxing and lovely outdoor space imaginable. Although the beaches on Boca Pailla are my favorite, the accommodations are not particularly conducive or appropriate for children, and Casa Rosa served as the perfect setting for a family accommodation central to all the major sites in and around Tulum. Inside Casa Rosa was equally perfect with anything anyone would need to comfortably immerse themselves in their surroundings. My favorite part – the master bedroom where you could lie on the bed and read a book while the wind and waves lulled you to sleep. Ah – if I could bottle that feeling of total relaxation that I so rarely feel in my day-to-day life. I personally loved the ability to use your wonderful selection of cook books/kitchen tools to try my hand at new Mexican dishes, and thought the accommodations were perfect for kids and adults alike with comfortable mattresses, soft sheets and towels, and beautiful furnishings.

As advertised, Maria and Bernadino were amazing… friendly and discrete and wonderful to have around. The fish they cooked for us was seriously one of the best meals I have ever had, and Bernadino was kind enough to share the recipe, which I plan to try at home this weekend. I unfortunately never met Noel, although I saw him from time to time, always taking his job very seriously and making us feel safe and secure. The fact that I did not meet him was a testament to how discrete he is, not to his lack of personality. Despite all the bad press in America related to Mexican crime, I felt completely secure the entire time, and had no concerns about my children’s safety for even a moment. I went running alone every morning along the Tankah Tres road (beautiful), and never for a second felt threatened or scared. In fact, greeting the local workers going to/from their jobs at other Villas was a highlight since everyone was so friendly and respectful. No cat calls like back at home running in the City.

In a nutshell Sloane – we loved every minute, and I only regret limiting our time to 1 week. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference for future guests, and expect to be hearing from us again soon to book another trip. My kids are still saying, at least once a day… “We miss Casa Rosa”. ME TOO!!!

Gracias Sloane!!!