not enough time

Hola Nick,

We had a wonderful time and your home is everything you promised. The weather was beautiful all week. There just wasn’t enough time to fit everything in. Maria and Bernadino made us two fabulous meals. Noel was very special. I brought him coffee and fruit and a granola bar every morning and dinner the two nights we ate there. Each day he had more of his palm leaf crafts for us and spent hours lots of chatting with us especially my son who knows a little Spanish. He also taught or tried to teach my other son (the art teacher) how to make the grasshoppers.

I so miss getting up each day and watching the sunrise form the top special time with my grandson son, Tully, who always found his way up there about 5:30. Thank you so much it was a wonderful departure from our cold dreary spring here in Milwaukee.


once in a lifetime nature experience

Hello Nick and Sloane,

There’s not much I can say about our stay at Casa Rosa which is not ecstatic and maybe a little excessive. But it would certainly not be exaggerated. Robindira, Robbie and I simply drank in your house, your palms, your beach, your pool, your high deck above the water, your moon waxing toward full, the distant roar of the surf, and all other sensual elements of the Gauguinesque paradise you’ve created down there. The warm, soothing wind which blew a soft, healing zephyr across the brows of tired urbanites, made air conditioning irrelevant. The weather, night and day was always pleasing and nurturing. Maria and Bernardino took good care of us, cooked us a great meal, and were always there if we needed them. And every restaurant you recommended worked for us.

On our last night there I was sitting on the deck by the pool and noticed a pile of seaweed down on the beach. On further thought, I couldn’t remember any piles of seaweed a kilometer inside the reef. And this pile, had a shiny top. I walked slowly towards it. The first night of the full moon gave everything a silvery sheen but still I couldn’t tell what I was seeing. Suddenly I stopped. The pile was moving towards me. And then I saw the huge shell and the flippers pushing the sand back. A giant sea turtle, probably four feet long, was preparing to lay its eggs right in front of me. I quickly ran into the house to find Robindira and Robbie and we spent the next hour and a half watching her. She would labor, thrusting her neck out and heaving up the leading edge of her shell, rest for 20 minutes and begin her terrific effort again. Finally her flippers began to flail and soon she had filled in the hole. covered her eggs with sand and slowly crawled off back into the sea. It was a primordial sight none of us will ever forget.

Another great moment for me was when the three of us climbed Nohuc Muul, my totemic spot at Coba and the highest Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan. I’ve come to Quintana Roo several times in the last 30 years and I climb it every time. But for the first time I was with my daughter Robindira and my son in law, Robbie. Wonderful. Great Cuban cigars on the deck at night combined with a shot of Chartreuse, a family tradition which, another miracle, Robindira found, one neglected bottle on a bottom shelf, at a deli-liquor store in Tuluum.

Thanks for a much needed respite from the grind. I don’t have a single suggestion. It was a perfect week out of time. We thank you with all our hearts.


exceeded expectations

Hi Nick,

Just a quick note to let you know what an incredible success our stay at Casa Rosa was. The property itself exceeded our expectations: perfectly situated, beautifully appointed and maintained, and equipped with everything we needed to make our stay with 4 adults and 5 young kids easy and entertaining. Truly, it was perfect. We are already trying to work out which week we want to book for next year.

Your staff were all as wonderful as promised – hardworking, professional, and friendly. Bernardino and Maria cooked us three fabulous dinners, and were patient and sweet with us and our children throughout. We appreciated the extra security of having Noel outside each night, and he was friendly and personable as well.

We had a nice visit with Rhett, who gave us a bunch of pointers — came in very helpful when we experienced our very own police shakedown on our way back from Tulum beach on one of our last nights.

Only improvement I can think of for next year is a way to use the microphones to use the karaoke function on the tv. (Neither we nor Bernardino could figure it out.)

Five star vacation. Still swooning.

Thanks again!


my favorite part was the location


I am so disappointed that I neglected to write anything in the guest book before we left wonderful Casa Rosa. Call it age (my 40th birthday is approaching quickly) or denial that I was leaving to go home… either way, I had so many wonderful things to say, and want to express my sincere gratitude for entrusting your wonderful home to us. I am hoping you can transfer a few of my thoughts below onto one of the book pages, so that future guests have at least a small sense of how grateful we are for the opportunity to stay at one of the most perfect places on earth.

Where do I start. I suppose my favorite part was the location. Right on a protected beach with constant trade winds, soft sand, and the most relaxing and lovely outdoor space imaginable. Although the beaches on Boca Pailla are my favorite, the accommodations are not particularly conducive or appropriate for children, and Casa Rosa served as the perfect setting for a family accommodation central to all the major sites in and around Tulum. Inside Casa Rosa was equally perfect with anything anyone would need to comfortably immerse themselves in their surroundings. My favorite part – the master bedroom where you could lie on the bed and read a book while the wind and waves lulled you to sleep. Ah – if I could bottle that feeling of total relaxation that I so rarely feel in my day-to-day life. I personally loved the ability to use your wonderful selection of cook books/kitchen tools to try my hand at new Mexican dishes, and thought the accommodations were perfect for kids and adults alike with comfortable mattresses, soft sheets and towels, and beautiful furnishings.

As advertised, Maria and Bernadino were amazing… friendly and discrete and wonderful to have around. The fish they cooked for us was seriously one of the best meals I have ever had, and Bernadino was kind enough to share the recipe, which I plan to try at home this weekend. I unfortunately never met Noel, although I saw him from time to time, always taking his job very seriously and making us feel safe and secure. The fact that I did not meet him was a testament to how discrete he is, not to his lack of personality. Despite all the bad press in America related to Mexican crime, I felt completely secure the entire time, and had no concerns about my children’s safety for even a moment. I went running alone every morning along the Tankah Tres road (beautiful), and never for a second felt threatened or scared. In fact, greeting the local workers going to/from their jobs at other Villas was a highlight since everyone was so friendly and respectful. No cat calls like back at home running in the City.

In a nutshell Sloane – we loved every minute, and I only regret limiting our time to 1 week. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference for future guests, and expect to be hearing from us again soon to book another trip. My kids are still saying, at least once a day… “We miss Casa Rosa”. ME TOO!!!

Gracias Sloane!!!


really, really great

Dear Nick,

We got back last night from Tulum and Casa Rosa. What a fantastic trip. We had a wonderful time on the beach, using the kayaks, exploring cenotes, checking out Tulum beaches, eating, drinking and playing together. It was really, really great.

We all hope to return to Casa Rosa sometime soon. It was so ideal in every way. Thanks again for sharing your slice of paradise.



transported to heaven

Hello Nick and Sloane—

We had such a wonderful time—thank you!

The moment we arrived and parked the car and walked to the front of Casa Rosa and felt the warm breeze….it transported us to heaven—we love it there!

Would love to meet you both.



everything we hoped for & more

Hi Nick,

I’m finally getting a chance to send you an e-mail. We had a fantastic time staying at Casa Rosa.It was everything we hoped for and more. Bernadino, Maria and Noel were more than accommodating and we felt completely at home.
We are hoping to do another trip next year. We will let you know.



unforgettable stay

Hi Sloane, Nick,

Let me thank you both, the Casa Rosa Crew (Noel, Bernardino and Maria) and Rhett for our unforgettable stay at Casa Rosa. It is truly printed in our minds. Staying at Casa Rosa is absolutely a must when visiting the Maya Riviera.

Within minutes after our arrival Maria and Bernardino gave us a sort of “home coming ” feeling which we had the entire stay. We had a great time at Casa Rosa. The sea in front of Casa Rosa is loaded with beautiful coral, fish, crab fish, sting rays, shells, turtles and lobsters. It is such a pleasure snorkeling and kayaking in front of the house. The beach however is loaded with heremit crab, pelicans, birds and……tiny little turtles. We experienced four times the birth of you turtles……..We saw a giant turle laying her eggs in the sand at full moon. There’s one thing which isn’t on the beach…..people.It looks like an abandoned beach…….what a heaven on earth! Thanks for sharing that beautiful piece on earth.

According to us: Bernardino and Maria are part of Casa Rosa. Because of them we experienced a beautiful Mexican vacation. They helped with the laundry, they cooked, we learned them some Dutch words, they learned us some Mayan words, they surprised us with Coconut drinks from the palmtrees, with fresh Guacamole and Tomato dip. Both Berdnardino and Maria were very, very nice to Maddy, our seven year old daughter. Thanks, many thanks for your hospitality.

Also thanks for Noel for helping us with the Turtles on the beach and for those tiny little palm leaf grasshoppers. And many thanks for Rhett as well. For helping us out when we needed it.



to be there is amazing

Good Morning Nick,

We are back on US soil and the rest of the family in the UK…. What an absolutely fabulous time we had…The pictures of Casa Rosa are mouth watering … to be there is amazing. We have been totally spoiled and are looking at coming back. Maria, Bernadino and Noel are wonderful, we love them.

We have other family members who would like to come too, we were wondering if you knew of another property in the area which we could also rent so all of us could make a return… we would need Casa Rosa and another house…

we could see ourselves spending our retirement out there.. our way of life …simple, not rushed and good food to boot…

Looking forward to hearing from you


the best spot in tulum

Hi, Sloane and Nick,

Well, how best to describe our Casa Rosa stay? Simply put, one of our best vacations ever!

We so totally disconnected/unplugged and could not have been in a better location. You clearly have THE best spot and house in Tulum. Thank you so much for making it available to us during spring break and introducing us to the area and to the fabulous folks you have supporting your property there.

Maria and Bernardino were an absolute joy to have around and we sat in complete luxury with the three dinners they cooked for us. The kids became fast friends with Noel….”when can we take a plate of dinner out to him???”….”I got up early this morning to see him before he left.”

We did a few things in the area –especially enjoyed the Biosphere trip –but certainly the highlight was your home –and we made the most of it, holding three rounds up epic “Olympic events” with the 4 kids we had with us. Great fun.



awesome experience, from start to finish

Dear Nick:

Cannot begin to express my fond feelings for Casa Rosa, from beginning to end, we had an awesome experience, from start to finish! The house is wonderful, comfortable and very clean. There is not enough to describe this place, its absolute beautiful it’s a paradise.

I searched for a location of value without having to sacrifice being near the beach. Not only were we steps to the beach, but we got to experience one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever seen.

There is also a beautiful ocean and pool view right off the balcony which we took advantage of at night to unwind. The beds were very comfortable and accommodated us without any problem. The rooms are spacious, looked out over the ocean and were great for relaxing enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean

Casa Rosa is delightful, and is right there by the beach, fantastic views all around. An unbeatable location, It offers so many amenities and the close proximity to major sites such as Xcaret or Xplor, Xle-Ha, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cenotes was unbeatable. the house was picture postcard perfect; we took full advantage of the beach and the pool. The house itself was very clean, spacious, and comfortable, and well maintained and up to date.

We spent a wonderful week at Casa Rosa and we truly have nothing but praise for every aspect. We had a vacation of a lifetime, and we got to experience one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever seen.

The staff was helpful, friendly and courteous a fantastic service, Bernardino, Maria and Noel they take care of us like you have no idea, they are great people and they make us feel like home.

Overall, I highly recommend this rental. Being away from all the crowd that we would’ve encountered in a resort was great. Casa Rosa truly met all our expectations and made us feel at home. I would most definitely stay at this property again.

Thank You.

P.S: I see you next Year LOL…


thanksgiving at Casa Rosa

Nick and Sloane,

Thank you again for a fantastic Thanksgiving week at Casa Rosa. There is possibly no better back yard on Earth. The two 6-year-olds and one 8-year-old bounced between the beautiful pool and even more beautiful calm, clear, warm water of the Caribbean all day long, with some breaks to eat pineapple on the hammocks or swing on the swings. The palm trees provide such wonderful shade.

Noel made animals out of palm fronds and left them for the children to find in the morning like treasures. Bernardino and Maria were excellent chefs for us one night–we all loved their chiles rellenos. They were so helpful and interesting–Mike loved practicing his Spanish with them and getting to know more about their lives.

Mike, our home chef and gourmand, was happy that there is a gas stove and grill and a well-stocked kitchen and a close-enough grocery store. We all really appreciated the Wifi, the air conditioning, the bottled water for brushing teeth, and the soft linens. We loved walking along the beach and fly fishing–wish we could have gone out with Rhett–next time! We still caught (and released) lots of gorgeous little fish. Rhett gave us lots of tips about how to navigate the cultural differences and not get into sticky situations. He is so funny!

Thank you again for sharing your slice of paradise!


5 stars

Hey Nick!

A great week and I think you have the best place in Quintana Roo! We all loved it.

Bernardino and Maria are terrific! Noel was very conscientious too. All in all a 5 star!


a real jewel

Dear Nick,

Just wanted to write to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Casa Rosa. The house is very beautiful, well equipped and well designed. The property is a real jewel. The staff were wonderful.

Hoping to do another stay at your Casa in the near future. We enjoyed our time there.


a fantastic stay

Hi Nick,

We just returned from Casa Rosa.  I just want to let you know how wonderful your house is there.  We had a fantastic stay and can’t say enough about the beautiful location and beach.  The house itself is also terrific.

We arranged all of our airport transfers, local tours, etc through Juan Santos of Tulum Juan Tours.  He and his company are excellent.  He runs two vans and three taxis with the help of his son, Gerardo.  He was most accommodating and a pleasure to be around.  He thoroughly enjoys what he does and enjoys sharing it with others and it shows.  You mentioned that others sometimes ask for this type of service and I would highly recommend him.

Thank you for sharing Casa Rosa with us.  We may be in touch for a another stay in the future.